• “Becoming part of the Teeth Tomorrow network has been a tremendous help in organizing the full-arch implant part of my practice. Systems and procedures[...] made a lot of sense to me and were instrumental in our continued growth and success.”

    Dr. Igor Kaplansky
    Dentistry by Doctor Kaplansky • Teeth Tomorrow Buffalo
    Igor V. Kaplansky, DDS, FAGD, FICOI
  • “With the support of the Teeth Tomorrow brand, my implant practice has increased tremendously! The simplicity of the technique along with the marketing power of the brand makes full-arch implant dentistry predictable, profitable and fun! Becoming a Teeth Tomorrow provider has been one of the BEST decisions I've made in a long time.”

    Dr. Mike Maroon
    Advanced Dental • Teeth Tomorrow Connecticut
    Michael Maroon, DMD
  • “Our exclusive association with a brand that patients can remember and relate to has not only increased our full-arch cases, but brought in new patients for other procedures as well.”

    Dr. Frank Avason
    Avason Family Dentistry • Teeth Tomorrow Charlotte
    Dr. Frank Avason
  • “I began placing implant retained hybrid dentures to provide what I thought was stability, but the denture failed at a rate of near 40%! That’s when I found Teeth Tomorrow. Utilizing Teeth Tomorrow's proven techniques and protocol I have been able provide my patients with supreme esthetics and long term performance. My productivity has shot through the roof!”

    Dr. Matt Bynum
    Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry • Teeth Tomorrow Greenville
    Dr. Matt Bynum

Successfully Add Full-Arch Restorations to your Dental Practice!

Are you finding more of your patients are in need of dental implants, from single implants to a full-arch restoration? As the population of the United States continues to age but expects to live longer — it is natural to find that more of your patients will be seeking this valuable service.

To address this need, we have established The Teeth Tomorrow Network. This is a preferred provider network with a focus on delivering a screw-retained, full-arch Prettau® Zirconia bridge (backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies) as a final product.

Teeth Tomorrow Implant-Supported Full-Arch Bridges

Our Main Priority is to Support your Success.

To do this, we have created a full program to help you and your team learn how to handle full-arch restoration cases within your own practice as well as reach a new patient base to expand your practice.

Exclusive Teeth Tomorrow Offerings:

  • Exclusive Partnership - Teeth Tomorrow is partnering with the world’s largest implant company, Straumann Group/NeoDent. Members will receive: training/education; substantial discounts on implants, accessories, and equipment; on-going preferred service and support from their extensive team of professionals
  • Scott Ganz - One of the world’s foremost authorities on digital dentistry will be joining the Teeth Tomorrow team to help members with: treatment planning; digital workflows; surgical/clinical questions; education and training
  • Medical Billing - Dedicated Implant is a unique, specialized medical billing group that allows you to receive medical insurance for full arch/implants and other services from the 5 biggest PPO insurance companies
  • New Smile Sales Engine - This marketing system is designed for implant specialists, prosthodontists and oral surgeons who want to attract more implant and cosmetic dentistry patients. We pair digital advertising with lead attraction methods to funnel prospective leads into a tracking tool that delivers quality patients to your growing practice.
  • IvoSmile App - An award-winning, augmented reality sales tool which will help lead generation and convergence by showing patients what their new smile will look like in real time.

Some of the Benefits of Becoming a Teeth Tomorrow® Member Include:

  • Large geographic exclusivity
  • Customized Teeth Tomorrow website to attract new patients in your market
  • Our ad agency (KathodeRay Media) will onboard your team, develop a marketing plan that fits your practice’s goals/budget and offer continued marketing/advertising support
  • 3 months (a $6,000 value) of the New Smile Sales Engine, a one-stop marketing solution that brings qualified leads through your door. (Practice contributes $1,500 for the digital ad spend/month)
  • 30 & 60 second customized Teeth Tomorrow TV and radio ads
  • Customized print ads
  • 250 tri-fold brochures for patients
  • 500 appointment cards
  • Signage to promote Teeth Tomorrow throughout your office
  • Office video loop showcasing your Teeth Tomorrow service
  • 12 linked social media posts
  • 3 email templates to educate your existing patients on Teeth Tomorrow
  • Teeth Tomorrow is the only final prosthesis backed by two Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry studies (2017 and 2018) with 99+% in-service success rates (major competitive advantage)
  • Vertical integration with Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab (the largest provider of Prettau Zirconia Bridges in the U.S.) - great resource to help you with the restorative process
  • Sample model of upper & lower Prettau Zirconia Bridge to showcase to your patients
  • Discounted Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab fees
  • Significant discounts from major dental suppliers on implants/components, equipment, etc.
  • Numerous patient financing options
  • Exclusive “Teeth Tomorrow Best Practices” Facebook group to communicate with other network members on all aspects of your practice
  • Ongoing support from the Teeth Tomorrow Team to help with marketing, clinical/surgical, administrative and lab-related services

Follow our Proven Full-Arch Restoration Process for Greater Success

Going it Alone
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
Going it Alone
Your full-arch restoration is dependent on the dental lab’s track record and workmanship.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
You’ll deliver the only full-arch bridge and procedure backed by a landmark study with a 99+% success rate.
Going it Alone
Your team will need to create all marketing materials and campaigns to attract clients in need of full-arch restorations.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
As part of our memorable, national brand you’ll be provided with proven, effective marketing tools and strategies.
Going it Alone
Your team will need to do all the research, develop all clinical procedures, create all protocols, and manage it all alone.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
You’ll expand your professional network and have immediate access to clinical, surgical, administrative and marketing support.
Going it Alone
Your bottom line will be affected by not only procedural costs of supplies and staff but vulnerable to the time and money spent replacing final prosthetics that fail.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
Every asect of the Teeth Tomorrow® protocol maximizes profitability: from chair time, to final delivery of the Prettau® Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Bridge.
Why Go it Alone? Learn How to Become a Member

Complete Full-Arch Restorations with Confidence

The Teeth Tomorrow® protocol is based on proven clinical and marketing techniques developed by leading authorities on full-arch restorations. Teeth Tomorrow Network doctors utilize the established Teeth Tomorrow® clinical, laboratory and marketing protocols; working together to share knowledge and further their success.

Our network enables members to expand their advanced prosthetic and restorative practice through Teeth Tomorrow’s success-proven protocols, documented by the acclaimed Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry in two published studies with over a 99% Success Rate. The first is a 5-year study of over 2,000 bridges in multiple practices. The second is a single-practice study of nearly 200 bridges over 4 years.

Five year, multi-practice studyFour year, single-practice study
Webinar: Treatment planning, surgery, and prosthetics

Get Clinical Insight on Delivering the Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge!

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