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Are you an implant dentist and ready to take your practice to the next level? Teeth Tomorrow is a Preferred Provider Network focused on helping improve the asset value of your business by maximizing your office’s potential. As a network member, our Teeth Tomorrow team helps support your entire business with marketing, advertising, financing, administration, clinical, and surgical guidance with multiple options to address whatever obstacles you face.

Teeth Tomorrow provides your business solutions and support to not only increase your patient base but dramatically increase your overall return on investment. By working with our dental lab you can offer your patients a proven solution to full arch reconstruction with the Prettau® Zirconia Implant Bridge which is widely regarded as the industry Gold Standard final prosthesis.

If your office has a challenge, Teeth Tomorrow has the solution!

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Our Main Priority is to Support your Success.

build your team

Expert Team Training

Our master team trainer, Amy Whitby, provides your practice with the expertise to help improve the entire patient’s journey from the initial point of contact to receiving their new smile. With a focus on marketing, sales, and closing big cases she helps your team understand what it takes to manage and successfully handle the leads to turn them into patients. Amy and the rest of our team support each other with sharing best practices and championing each other’s successes.

continuous education

Exclusive Education, Training, and Support

Teeth Tomorrow offers continuous education, training, and support for your practice. Our Clinical Director - Dr. Scott Ganz, helps you provide your patients with cutting edge technology that our partners refer to as “Digital Innovation”. This allows you to remove the guesswork out of complex dental implant cases. Our team and industry partners make full-arch dentistry more efficient and convenient, while saving you valuable time and money.

medical billing for affordability

Unique Medical Billing Opportunities

Teeth Tomorrow offers a range of medical billing partners that help address the affordability issue all implant dentists face for selling large cases. Our partners can help you leverage your patient’s existing PPO medical insurance or Medicare so you can create treatment plans based on the best options for your patients. Allowing you to give them an affordable way to get back the smile they deserve.

Dr. Scott Ganz

World-Renown Clinical Director, Scott D. Ganz, D.M.D.

Dr. Ganz serves on multiple clinical advisory boards and his direct input has facilitated the improvement of several prosthetic/surgical techniques, components, and educational programs. Teeth Tomorrow could not be happier that his vast expertise can assist with enhancing digital workflows, improving clinical and restorative protocols, treatment planning and case review, lab coordination, as well as recommending new products, equipment, and services. This will help your practice stay current with the latest cutting-edge technology and improved techniques to help make your success more predictable. He also serves as Co-Director of Advanced Implant Education (AIE), providing LIVE SURGERY hands-on programs.

Why Choose the Prettau® Bridge?

Unparalleled Longevity and Aesthetics

Zirkonzahn® is the ONLY company in the world with a comprehensive system designed to produce full-arch zirconia.  Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab is the ONLY company in the world with a 5-year study of over 2,000 bridges produced, with a success rate of over 99%. The Prettau® Bridge from Teeth Tomorrow Dental Lab is the result of a superior product, a superior process, and a superior production protocol.

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Interested to See What the Teeth Tomorrow Network Can Do for You?

When joining Teeth Tomorrow, your practice will benefit from the support and knowledge of the fastest growing network of advanced implant dentists.

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Exclusive Territory

Each territory has been designed to include a concentration of potential candidates for the Teeth Tomorrow procedure that will enable your practice to not only grow your full-arch cases, but funnel patients to other services you may offer.

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Follow our Proven Full-Arch Restoration Process for Greater Success

Going it Alone
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
Going it Alone
Your full-arch restoration is dependent on the dental lab’s track record and workmanship.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
You’ll deliver the only full-arch bridge and procedure backed by a landmark study with a 99+% success rate.
Going it Alone
Your team will need to create all marketing materials and campaigns to attract clients in need of full-arch restorations.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
As part of our memorable, national brand you’ll be provided with proven, effective marketing tools and strategies.
Going it Alone
Your team will need to do all the research, develop all clinical procedures, create all protocols, and manage it all alone.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
You’ll expand your professional network and have immediate access to clinical, surgical, administrative and marketing support.
Going it Alone
Your bottom line will be affected by not only procedural costs of supplies and staff but vulnerable to the time and money spent replacing final prosthetics that fail.
Joining Teeth Tomorrow
Every aspect of the Teeth Tomorrow® protocol maximizes profitability: from chair time, to final delivery of the Prettau® Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Bridge.

What our Teeth Tomorrow Members are Saying…

  • “With the support of the Teeth Tomorrow brand, my implant practice has increased tremendously! The simplicity of the technique along with the marketing power of the brand makes full-arch implant dentistry predictable, profitable and fun! Becoming a Teeth Tomorrow provider has been one of the BEST decisions I've made in a long time.”

    Dr. Mike Maroon
    Advanced Dental • Teeth Tomorrow Connecticut
    Michael Maroon, DMD
  • “Our exclusive association with a brand that patients can remember and relate to has not only increased our full-arch cases, but brought in new patients for other procedures as well.”

    Dr. Frank Avason
    Avason Family Dentistry • Teeth Tomorrow Charlotte
    Dr. Frank Avason
  • “I began placing implant retained hybrid dentures to provide what I thought was stability, but the denture failed at a rate of near 40%! That’s when I found Teeth Tomorrow. Utilizing Teeth Tomorrow's proven techniques and protocol I have been able provide my patients with supreme esthetics and long term performance. My productivity has shot through the roof!”

    Dr. Matt Bynum
    Bynum Aesthetic Dentistry • Teeth Tomorrow Greenville
    Dr. Matt Bynum

Ready to Take the Step to Expanding Your Practice?

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Let us help differentiate you from other dental practices in your area! Teeth Tomorrow is focused on helping implant dentists grow their full-arch dental implant bridge business while increasing revenue in their overall practice. Check to see if your territory is available or fill out the form to get more information about Teeth Tomorrow.

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