Is Your Dental Practice Website Driving Leads?

When was the last time you evaluated your dental practice website? Even if it has been a while, do not worry. There is never a bad time to give your website  a fresh look-over! Your website should function to attract new patients, inform your existing patients and also successfully convert leads. 

Is Your Dental Practice Website Driving Leads?

If you do not see the returns you would like, here are a few methods to help you improve your dental practice website and boost lead conversions:

1. Create Lead Generators

Your dental practice website is one of the best tools at your disposal for generating and converting leads – and leads are the lifeblood of your practice! Anyone who is interested in any of your services is most likely going to search online, whether through a search engine like Google or the ADA’s Find-A-Dentist tool. So, you need to make sure your website is equipped to not only explain which specific services you offer, but also give potential patients a reason to make an appointment. 

Start by segmenting your leads based on what services they might be looking for, such as cosmetic dental treatment patients, dental implant patients, dental hygiene patients, etc.. Once you’ve segmented your leads, then you need to ensure that your website offers the right amount of treatment education (make use of videos and images to help connect with your patients more effectively) and information to explain the benefits of your services and make it more likely to convert leads.

2. Hook Your Audience

Being able to effectively communicate the benefits of your services is one thing but providing incentives to convert potential leads is the real key to success. You are far more likely to convert potential leads into new patients by making use of what is known as “lead magnets” on your practice website. These lead magnets can be anything from an email sign-up to gain access to a free e-book or an opt-in to a contest or giveaway for a dental service.

The most important function of any successful lead magnet is gathering patient info, while costing your practice little to nothing. Remember – patient info is one of the most important metrics available to you in terms of converting leads or encouraging repeat visits.

3. Drive Targeted Traffic Towards Your Website

You do not have to focus exclusively on your website to help direct leads. There are many other marketing channels you can use to help boost your practice website leads. Tie in your existing or new marketing channels into your website – whether it is TV or radio advertising, search engine optimization marketing, or even email blasts from your practice or other businesses, every little bit helps! Any leads you generate from your other marketing efforts can easily be funneled towards your website, where they are more likely to find answers to their questions or to schedule an appointment.


Your practice’s website requires work and attention to ensure that it is providing the most ROI for your business. When you optimize your website for increasing trust in your practice and driving leads, you will see the value returned to both you and your patients many times over!



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