Creating and Using Facebook Carousel Ads for your Practice

Facebook offers many different marketing tools for your practice to take advantage of. You’re probably familiar with tools like Boosted Posts or Ad Campaigns, they’re simple to use and effective. But if you’re looking for something more attractive to your audience, you need a different tool.


For your next Facebook campaign, your practice should strongly consider using Carousel Ads. These interactive and intuitive ad sets can give your practice a huge marketing boost.

Facebook Carousel Ads are a more engaging form of visual advertising within your Ad Manager. These ad sets can be anywhere between 2-10 images or videos and are displayed in a slideshow “card” format. This provides a more vibrant storytelling element to your advertising and entices the consumer to learn more about your practice. Studies have shown that 55% of Facebook users watch video content every day, and Carousel Ads provide a great platform for this type of content.

To create your own Carousel Ad, start on your practice’s Ad Manager account page. After creating a new Ad Set and deciding on the timeline/budget, choose “Carousel” under the “Format” tab. Before creating your Carousel, there are a few important text, image, and video specs to keep in mind. Your images should be sized to 1080x1080 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 1:1 and a maximum image file size of 30MB. Your video posts can be a maximum of 240 minutes long (though we suggest using brief videos in the 5-30 second range for social media ads) and have a maximum video file size of 4GB. Your body text can be up to 125 characters, up to 40 characters for your headline text, and up to 20 characters for your link description text. You can easily stay within the text and character limit by keeping your message or call to action short and to the point – remember that your pictures or videos will do most of the work telling the story.

You can use Carousel Ads to improve many marketing factors, such as reach, brand awareness, traffic, lead generation, and conversions. If you’re looking to sell more implants, try structuring your ad set to focus on specific procedures and testimonials from satisfied patients. Or, if you’re simply looking to tell people about your practice and bring in new patients, you can create a more generalized Carousel Ad campaign that focuses on everything your practice offers. You can even combine goals by utilizing different Call to Action buttons that drive traffic to your website or highlight new treatments.

Your practice needs to stand out with your Facebook advertising, and Carousel Ads are a great way to do it. By creating targeted eye-drawing and informative ad sets, you can greatly increase brand awareness for your practice and improve your search engine optimization. The next time you’re looking to really make an impression with your online marketing, give Carousel Ads a try.

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