Free Local Business Listing for Your Dental Practice

With the amount of trust the average person places in metrics like patient reviews, it makes good business sense to use these local business listings to your best advantage when marketing your practice online.

How to Get a Free Local Business Listing for Your Dental Practice

Have you noticed that there are a ton of online business directories available to your patients nowadays? These are not just glorified internet Yellow Pages either – these comprehensive platforms are how many of your patients learn what your practice is like before they even visit in person.

With the amount of trust the average person places in metrics like patient reviews, it makes good business sense to use these local business listings to your best advantage when marketing your practice online. And here is the best part – there are a number of great and trusted online business directories that will allow you to create a listing for free!

1. Why Are Business Listing Sites Necessary?

It’s one thing to be familiar with the major business listing sites – but have you considered what makes them so crucial to your online marketing plans? Think of it like this; most patients begin their search for a dental practice through a search engine, so you need to have all the relevant information readily available for them to find. A new patient is far more likely to find your practice’s contact information, what services you offer, etc. through a business listing website before they visit your website. Larger directories may have already automatically created a listing for your website, so it only works to your advantage to monitor and control your listings to avoid the spread of misinformation. Your patient’s first encounter with your practice is important – manage your reputation ahead of time!

2. What Additional Benefits Do They Offer?

By taking advantage of free local business listings, you’re not only increasing your brand visibility – you’re giving your practice the opportunity to grow. Your practice’s search engine optimization relies on your online presence, and how consistent and trustworthy the information about your practice is. Most of the larger business listing sites have high amounts of traffic and are already trusted by Google and other search engines. By listing with them, you increase your chances of showing up earlier in your patient’s searches. This means your brand grows stronger, word of mouth advertising increases, and your patients have even more ways to engage with you online.

3. Where Should I List My Practice?

While there are many platforms you can use for free to list your practice, here are a couple of the largest and most popular platforms you should focus on first:

  • Google My Business – Whether people are looking for products or doctors, chances are, they’re going through Google. Even if you already have your practice listed, it never hurts to add more pertinent information beyond your name, address, and phone number! Google’s platform is intuitive and adding or editing your listing can be easily handled by you or your staff. That way you can ensure your practice is appearing in as many relevant searches as possible.

  • Facebook – Your Facebook Business Page is more than just a social media platform – it also serves as a local business listing. By simply listing your practice as a local business or place, you enable patients to search for you on Facebook with more specific filters. People can also check in, leave reviews, ask questions, and a whole host of features meant to boost your online presence.

  • Yelp – Most people may think of Yelp as being focused on customer reviews, but it’s also a highly customizable business listing site. You can personalize your Yelp page, use it to communicate with your patients, and use it as an additional advertising tool. It doesn’t hurt that both Siri and Alexa weight Yelp reviews heavily in their search preferences.

Boosting your practice’s online marketing efforts usually requires time and money, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of platforms that could do it for free? Online business listings are an important tool in driving your practice’s growth – so get out there and get listed!


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