How to Expand into the Dental Implant Market

The dental implant market is booming, with the largest market area in North America. Dental implants are quickly becoming one of the most popular treatment choices among patients looking to restore their smile.

How to Expand into the Dental Implant Market

You may have already noticed it at your practice; life expectancy and patient needs are increasing, and dental implants are a proven and effective means of meeting those expectations.

Typically, getting a share of the dental implant market requires hiring a dental consultant, or a like professional who will provide advice on your marketing plan, training, equipment purchases, and anything else that is required to increase your implant caseload. This might require more than one consultant or marketing expert, and it might mean investing significant amounts of time and money into restructuring your business model.

That is why the Teeth Tomorrow Network exists – to help you successfully expand into the dental implant market so that your practice will continue to grow!

1. Better for Your Practice

Membership in the Teeth Tomorrow Network removes the guesswork from boosting your dental implant cases. Rather than relying on one or more dental consultants, you gain access to the only network of its kind devoted to providing full-arch dental implants.

You and your staff also receive ongoing education in every aspect of the Teeth Tomorrow process – including training in administrative and marketing techniques, so you can stay current with dental implant best practices and protocols. The support doesn’t end there either, as you’ll also have access to a bi-weekly newsletter designed to help you grow your practice, along with access to a closed Facebook group where you can share ideas and best practices with other member groups.

As the exclusive provider of Teeth Tomorrow in your territory, you’ll also be provided with customized marketing and advertising materials to help you bring in as many new patients as possible.


2. Better for Your Patients

Expanding into the dental implant market is a smart strategy for practice growth, but your patients deserve the best implants possible, as well.

Never fear, exception product is all taken care of when you are part of the Teeth Tomorrow select provide network. The Teeth Tomorrow protocol has been developed over years of trial and research, leading to the first full-arch dental implant that’s backed by a 5-year study of over 2000 cases with an over 99% success rate.

Dental implants are an investment, and your patients can feel secure in their decision when they understand that receiving Teeth Tomorrow dental implants means receiving a beautiful new smile for life.

With multiple financing options available and with your member discount on all finished Teeth Tomorrow prostheses, your patients don’t need to stress themselves out over the cost of the treatment either. The Teeth Tomorrow Network also makes it a snap for your patients to find out whether they’re an ideal candidate. Your practice-specific website will help pre-qualify and direct any prospective patient through automated consultation requests and our toll-free call center.


Offering dental implants is a great way to add another revenue stream to your practice, but your patients will always be looking for the best they can get. By joining the Teeth Tomorrow Network, you can differentiate yourself from your competition and get a share of the dental implant market in order to ensure continued growth and success for the long run.

Successfully Add Full-Arch Restorations to your Dental Practice!

If you are finding more of your patients are in need of dental implants, from single implants to a full-arch restoration, consider becoming a practice in The Teeth Tomorrow Preferred Provider Network. The network focuses on delivering a screw-retained, full-arch Prettau® Zirconia bridge (backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies) as a final product.

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