How to Increase Full Arch Dental Implants Patients with Testimonials

Imagine you are a patient who needs a full arch restoration. On top of the daily discomfort and stress stemming from your dental issues, you aren't sure which treatment to receive. You know that a set of full arch dental implants are a serious investment, but you don’t know if you are ready to make that big first step towards getting them.

How to Increase Full Arch Dental Implant Patients with Testimonials

In the above scenario, would you feel more comfortable deciding if you were shown a real-life example of how dental implants improved a patient’s life?

Patient video testimonials allow you to say a lot in just a few minutes, and emotionally connect with patients who are still on the fence about receiving dental implants. With the right testimonials, you can increase your full arch dental implant patient conversion rate and add a robust revenue stream to your practice.

1. Authenticity & Empathy

Two of the biggest hurdles for your patients to overcome are fear of the implant procedure itself, and difficulty deciding if it is the best option for them.

A testimonial can help solve both problems in the span of one video. It is a great way to connect with your potential patients on a human level, and reassure them that there is a treatment available, and that your practice can provide it effectively and compassionately. It also allows you to demonstrate your expertise and success.

Unless you can build a trust with prospective patients, they may not commit. To this end, it helps to show them exactly how your practice can restore their smile with full arch dental implants, and why your the best practice to do it. An authentic patient testimonial should encapsulate all of those elements:

  • How happy the patient was with the implants
  • How you were able to change their life for the better
  • How pleased they were with the patient experience as a whole
Be sure that the testimonial has your patients thinking “That’s the same situation I’m in” or “That was what I was worried about, too” and address those concerns head on.  If you’ve done it right, by the end of the video all they’ll be thinking is “I want what that patient has”.

2. Details, Details, Details

Do not think that a testimonial with generalized positive reviews is easier to create and more relatable to a broader audience. When you are trying to convince a potential patient to receive a life-altering treatment like dental implants, you want to tell the entire story from start to finish. A patient who shares their experience with the entire process, from the extraction of their old teeth to the placement of the implants, is far more likely to capture the attention of your viewers.

It also helps to make the recording process as comfortable for your patient as possible from the very beginning, too. You want the testimonial to seem authentic and unscripted. To accomplish this, take some time before the cameras are rolling to understand your patient’s backstory. Ask questions like, "What made you decide to go for a full arch restoration?" or "How did you prepare for it?" and use the time to develop a rapport. If you seem excited to learn about and share their story, they will, too.

3. Make it Memorable 

If someone is already interested enough about dental implants to schedule an appointment, the next step is to keep them thinking about it when they leave your office.

It can take a lot of time for a patient to choose dental implants, so make sure to cover both common and in-depth restoration cases in a compelling fashion. Using video testimonials is a captivating way to share relatable stories. Before-and-after image comparisons are also a great way to get your patients to understand the tangible benefits a full-arch restoration can provide. No matter the method, it's important to get your potential patients thinking about all the ways your compassionate care can change their lives for the better.

We also recommend using these testimonials as a way to highlight your competitive advantages. Think about what sets you apart over your competition and what you can provide your patients that they cannot. Give your viewers a reason to choose you over another implant dentist and they’ll be far more likely to make the leap towards implants.


Don’t forget about the little touches on your video! A poorly-shot video testimonial is more likely to lose your audience’s attention and detract from the great points your patients are making. If you or your staff don’t feel experienced enough to shoot and edit the video, there’s nothing wrong with having a professional audio/visual team help you with the process.

Unlock the power of video testimonials at your practice and start converting more dental implant cases today!


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