Improve Your Dental Practice ROI

Because of the value and power that dental implants offer your patients, they represent a tremendous growth opportunity for your practice, and a chance to improve your dental practice ROI.

Improve Your Dental Practice ROI

Trends in Dental Marketing: Dental Implants and Your Dental Practice ROI

It wasn't too long ago that most people balked at the idea of getting a full arch of dental implants to restore their smile. However, thanks to the numerous advancements and refinements to dental implants over the years, this has become a much more feasible option for an increasing number of people. However, just like with any dental treatment, your potential patients will require education to help them overcome their reservations about the cost of the implants or with the procedure itself.

Yet even despite these hurdles, full arch dental implants can provide your patients with tremendous value and the power to transform their lives. Therefore, they also represent a huge growth opportunity for your practice, and a chance to improve your dental practice ROI overall. Joining the Teeth Tomorrow Network is a surefire way to give your practice the boost it needs.


1. What Is It?

The Teeth Tomorrow Network is a Preferred Provider Network solely devoted to delivering full-arch Prettau® Zirconia implant bridges as the final product. With so many aging patients seeking a permanent, implant-based solution to their dental problems, the Teeth Tomorrow Network was created to address their needs, as well as those of your practice.

To that end, we created a full, comprehensive program that will help you and your team with full-arch restoration cases within your practice, in addition to reaching an entirely new base of patients to add to your practice.


2. Can My Practice Go It Alone?

There are major pitfalls that can eat into your practice’s profitability and success rates when you handle full-arch restoration cases alone. You deal with more risk of the restoration failing, as you have to rely on the dental lab’s quality and track record. Your practice has to spend extra time and money on handling any marketing campaigns related the implants, as well as time learning the protocol itself. All of this means less profitability for your practice and unnecessary frustration.


3. What Does Being a Member Get Me? 

Joining the Teeth Tomorrow Network not only gives your practice access to one of the most proven dental implant protocols (backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies showing an over 99% success rate), but a whole host of marketing and informational materials including:

  • An optimized Teeth Tomorrow website
  • A one day training seminar at our Woodstock, NY headquarters
  • Customized print ads, informational tri-folds, and other office signage
  • 12 Linked social media posts
  • Many patient financing options
  • Development of a marketing plan that best fits your budget
  • Continued support from the Teeth Tomorrow Team to assist your practice with administrative, clinical, surgical, and lab-related services

You and your patients deserve have confidence in your full-arch restoration protocol. At the end of the day, the Teeth Tomorrow Network is designed from the ground up to support your practice's continued success and provide your patients with the best in restorative treatment!


Successfully Add Full-Arch Restorations to your Dental Practice!

If you are finding more of your patients are in need of dental implants, from single implants to a full-arch restoration, consider becoming a practice in The Teeth Tomorrow Preferred Provider Network. The network focuses on delivering a screw-retained, full-arch Prettau® Zirconia bridge (backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies) as a final product.

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