Are DIY Marketing Strategies Feasible for your Dental Practice?

We’re not too far into the new year yet, so now is the perfect time to re-examine your costs and budgeting. There are many areas that you can tie much of your budget into, and many dentists see their advertising/marketing budget as the first area to tighten the fiscal belt.

Are DIY Marketing Strategies Feasible for Your Dental Practice?

It’s all too easy to see the costs associated with your dental practice marketing spend and to figure that you can save time and money by handling it yourself. But before you make the decision to use DIY marketing strategies for your dental practice, take the time to decide if it’s feasible for you.

By examining three specific factors and how they affect your dental practice ROI, you can make the right choice and keep growing your practice!

1. Time

You know as well as anyone how many different tasks are on your plate every day at your practice. You have to spend time helping patients, making sure your team is working at their best, and doing every other job that your practice needs done – so you might not have enough time and energy to focus on your marketing efforts. When you’re looking to enhance your marketing strategies and improve your patient’s experience, sometimes it’s just easier to have a qualified agency take the reins. Rather than trying to find time in you and your team’s busy day to manage your marketing campaigns (let alone find time to train them on it), a crack team of professionals can manage every detail, no matter how minor.


2. Resources

 Your time is important to your practice, but it’s important to remember the tangible cost of handling your marketing by yourself. While it may seem like using DIY marketing strategies will cut down on your immediate overhead costs, you have to consider what it means for your return on investment as well. Instead of managing all your marketing duties by yourself, you can try splitting the workload between yourself and an agency. The more personal strategies, such as social media posts or blogging, can still be completed in-house, while an agency handles the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization and website construction. Rather than spreading your staff too thin on multiple tasks, you can rest assured that a marketing agency will assign the right number of people to each task and get the job done – time is money, after all!

3. Expertise

Your patients come to you because they know you’re a professional with all the skills necessary to fix their dental issues. As such, you should consider the difference between a professional handling your marketing versus someone less qualified. The best marketing agencies will understand how to maximize your lead generation and revenue potential. Look at a partnership with an agency as something that’s mutually-beneficial – yes, you’ll have to spend money to develop the best plan, but it will be made up to you in the form of additional leads and better visibility for your practice.

While in some specific circumstances it can make sense to handle your own marketing, it’s always worth digging into the numbers and making sure. More often than not, you’ll discover that the modest savings don’t outweigh the benefits of at least sharing the marketing workload with an agency.


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