Planning a Successful Dental Seminar

Every successful dental practice is supported by a balanced marketing plan. Social media and online marketing, print marketing, and even word of mouth marketing all factor into the practice’s branding and reputation. One of the best ways a dental practice can establish itself as an authority on dentistry and generate new leads is through holding a dental seminar.


Seminars are a fantastic way to provide information on any topic and offer a solution to the audience. No matter what your topic of choice is, planning a successful dental seminar can bring new patients into your practice and improve your reputation. Start by choosing a specific, but interesting topic to base your seminar around. Try targeting your seminar towards exploring and solving a need or concern that the audience has in common with the topic. A seminar on dental implants, for instance, could revolve around the problems missing or loose teeth present and how dental implants offer a proven and permanent solution. However, take care to avoid making the topic and language in the seminar too industry specific. You want to be able to reach as large an audience as possible, without alienating them with technical jargon.

Once you’ve picked your topic, it’s time to start considering the venue. A proper seminar venue should be cost-effective, but also be large enough to hold your expected audience. Your practice may be able to handle smaller seminars but be prepared to rent out space for anything larger. Be sure to consider the ease of accessibility of the venue as well, something centrally located, and nearby public transportation is ideal.  You also want to make sure that you’re familiar with the venue’s audio/visual infrastructure as well - a great AV setup can add needed flair to your seminar and handle any potential hiccups as they occur. If you or your team don’t feel confident handling the AV aspects, make sure you pick the best AV team you can.

Once your topic and venue are decided, you can now figure out how best to run the seminar. If your seminar has multiple speakers, decide what order they’ll speak in and what specific aspects of the topic they’ll focus on. If you personally don’t feel comfortable giving a public speech, there’s nothing wrong with bringing in other speakers to cover your portion of the seminar. Be sure to get the team at your practice involved as well. They can play a crucial role in promoting the event, setting it up, or even speaking if they have any extra material to contribute.

By nailing down the topic, venue, and your plan of attack ahead of time, your seminar will go off without a hitch. A successful seminar is a fantastic way for you to set your practice apart from the rest and for you to tie in multiple marketing efforts into one fun, informative event. Start your planning now, and before you know it, you’ll have your next dental seminar up and running!

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