Text Message Marketing and Why it’s Important for Your Practice

Cell phones seem to define our lives nowadays. Almost every one of your patients has one, and if they’re like most of us, they’re pretty attached to it. But the one function that they’re guaranteed to use the most is text messaging – it’s one of the most important features on their phone.

Text Message Marketing and Why it’s Important for Your Practice

Text messages are almost always opened immediately, even if the text is coming from a business. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s crucial to engage in text marketing campaigns and understand why it’s important for your practice. By crafting a well-designed SMS (short message service) or text message campaign, you can increase your dental flow.

1. Cost and Times Savings

Cost and Time Saving – Text messaging marketing can be virtually free and done quickly if you tie it in with your other marketing efforts. For example, having an active social media presence and regularly posting (such as blogs or social media posts) or messaging your patients (through your website or through platforms like Facebook) is a great way to build your text messaging lists. You can also try offering patients text message only specials if they sign up with their phone numbers, you’d be surprised at how many will jump at the chance!

2. Ease of Communication

Texting is one of the most intuitive functions on any modern cell phone. Even your older patients have learned how to text effectively. It just makes sense to engage with your prospective and existing patients through text messaging or an SMS campaign. There are even apps you can build into your practice’s website to enable your patients to text you via their computer. These “click to text” functions allow anyone visiting your website to skip having to search through page after page and instead text your practice for all their dental care needs.

3. A Multipurpose Tool

Text message marketing is a fantastic way to successfully close leads. As opposed to calling your patient (which might go unanswered or ignored) or emailing them (most emails are never opened, even if it’s coming from an important source), you can skip the game of phone tag and just text them directly. Along with bringing in new patients, text message marketing is also a great way to automate your scheduling and appointment making functions, saving you and your staff valuable time. The best SMS campaigns not only incentivize new patients to come in, but also reward your existing patients for their loyalty.

No practice is too big or too small to get a boost from word of mouth marketing like a patient referral program. You can craft the perfect text message marketing program that gets your existing patients excited to be involved and gives your new patients a reason to keep coming back. Give it a try and see the results for yourself!


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Marketing your practice successfully revolves around getting your practice’s name out there to as many people as possible. By using text message marketing, you can tap into one of the largest demographics possible and ensure that your practice is always at the front of your audience’s minds!

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