Tips for Creating an FAQ Page for Your Website

If we asked you to name one of the most important pages on your practice website, what would you guess? Most people would guess either the homepage or the “About Us” page. But your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is likely one of the first pages anyone visits on your site.

Tips for Creating an FAQ Page for Your Website

Think of it this way – a properly formatted FAQ page is where a patient can go to find the answers to questions that might not be easily answered on any of the other pages on your website. That’s why it’s so important for you to focus on creating an FAQ page that not only eases your patients' concerns, but also helps boost your local SEO and leads more potential patients to your practice.

So, what are the elements of a great FAQ page?

  1. Focus on Real Questions – Anyone visiting your website is looking for a solution to their dental problems. Running a successful practice means communicating with your patients – so focus on the questions they really want the answers to. Even if you’re not asking your patients directly when they’re at your practice, you can still gather info through phone surveys or feedback forms on your website/social media pages. Once you’ve figured out your patients’ main concerns, be sure your answers are both timely (no one wants to ask the same question over and over with no answer) and concise (so your patients can find the answers to their questions in a quick and easy manner).
  2. Be Engaging – You shouldn’t just focus on merely answering questions your patients have about your practice; you need to capture their attention as well. You should focus on creating a FAQ page experience that is as seamless as possible for anyone visiting your website – so be sure to categorize your questions into specific blocks with sharp headlines or descriptions. This allows your patients to easily jump to an entire section that could answer all the questions they might have. We also recommend that you not only link to internal sources (such as other applicable pages on your website that enhance your FAQ page), but also external sources as well. This gives your patients an extra base of info to draw on and helps support your answers.
  3. Optimize your FAQs – Your FAQ page is the perfect page on your website to help enhance your local SEO. Google’s search algorithm is heavily based on “content-rich” answers, which means that you should focus on emphasizing specific keywords and search terms within your FAQ page to see the best results. Treat your practice FAQ page as an opportunity to assist your patients, but to also build upon and improve your brand’s voice and message.

With all of these tips in mind, it’s still crucial to remember that your FAQ page shouldn’t be a crutch for a poorly-designed website or uninteresting content.

View examples of effective FAQ pages.


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