Top Trends in Dental Marketing Entering 2020

The new year is here, and that means plenty of exciting new trends in dental marketing strategies await the industry! We're entering a new decade, one that will be driven by social media and engaging content.

Top Trends in Dental Marketing Entering 2020

Your reputation as a dental professional and the growth of your practice might depend on you how well you adapt to change and implement these strategies:

Manage Your Reputation 

With every year that goes by, it seems social media dominates more of our daily lives. Unfortunately, this has led to misinformation being widely shared, so it’s more important than ever for you to establish a voice online that your patients can trust.

Your prospective patients are most likely to form their first impression of you based on your online reputation, so be sure to encourage your current patients to share positive feedback. You must provide your patients with as many platforms to leave feedback as possible to best boost your reputation. Review websites, all your social media pages, and your practice website are all great channels to receive and share feedback.

Simplify Your Services

Whether it's ordering their lunch or shopping for gifts, your patients are taking care of almost everything online. While they might not be able to whiten their teeth digitally, there are still many things you can enable them to do online. At the bare minimum, your practice website should allow your patients to schedule or cancel appointments online, as well as fill out necessary forms.

You can streamline the process further by investing in integrated systems. These allow you to automate the scheduling process, and they can even handle recall campaigns to encourage repeat visits. The key is to keep your patients engaged while still providing the level of service and convenience they've come to expect.


Provide Engaging Digital Content

We already mentioned how connected your patients are to social media, and that directly affects how they consume content. There's a lot of digital content out there, and for you to occupy their attention, you need to have a compelling online presence. Don't just assume that a well-integrated website and widespread social media presence will be enough - you need to provide consistent, engaging content. We recommend posting regular articles or how-to on specific dental topics (brushing, flossing, dental implants, etc.) to inform and engage your patients. Remember - even an engaged audience can be fickle, so your content must keep their attention and meet their needs.

Technology and social media are significantly affecting the way we do business as dentists. By letting these trends pass you by, you run the risk of falling behind the competition. Remain competitive in 2020 by implementing these top marketing trends at your practice!


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