What is Prettau Zirconia?

It is the 21st century, and your patients expect modern and convenient solutions to their dental problems. Most of your patients can research treatments on their phones before they take a seat in the dentist’s chair – so you need to meet their standards.

What is Prettau Zirconia?

Your patients who are looking to replace or restore their teeth are probably already familiar with the standard treatment options, such as dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Ceramic and acrylic are the most common materials for these prostheses, but you can provide your patients with an even stronger and more reliable material - Prettau® Zirconia. This exceptional material can be used for a wide range of applications and offers you and your patients many unique benefits.

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1. What is It?

Prettau® Zirconia was invented by Enrico Steger, a preeminent miller and developer of dental technologies, after years of development and experimentation. Together with Zirkonzahn, one of the leaders in restorative dental materials, Steger created a more durable and customizable form of zirconium for dental restorations.

As opposed to regular zirconium, Prettau® Zirconia is partially stabilized with yttrium and then enhanced with aluminum. This produces a material that is non-porous, strong, and is biocompatible with a wider range of your patients. Whereas most dental prostheses produced with zirconium include a layer of ceramic for added stability, Prettau® Zirconia omits this layer and instead relies on the material’s greater natural durability. The finished product is both functional and amazingly life-like, thanks to the high levels of translucency found in Prettau® Zirconia.


2. What Is It Used For?

No matter if your patients are looking to replace a single tooth or an entire upper or lower arch, Prettau® Zirconia is the best material to use. Because it is such an adaptable material, it works as a base for:

  • Either partial or single crowns
  • Inlays, onlays, and veneers
  • Dental bridges with up to 14 elements (either screwed or cemented)

If your patients still want to use ceramics in their restoration, their Prettau® Zirconia indications can be reduced and shaped to leave space for veneering.

The unique characteristics of this material also make it the preferred choice for your patients who have less available space in their mouth for other prostheses. It is also ideal for any of your patients who suffer from excessive jaw/teeth grinding, since the material is designed to resist chips, cracks, and other damages that stem from abrasion.


3. What Benefits Does it Offer?

Prettau® Zirconia has a unique and optimized structure which provides all the same benefits as traditional zirconia, but with none of the associated drawbacks.

Its microstructure gives it a much higher heat resistance, along with a consistent shrinking factor for greater precision placement. This means designing and placing their implants is a much simpler and less invasive process. This also makes it a particularly appealing option for your patients seeking dental implants or for your patients who need gingival reconstruction in addition to their restorations.

Your patients can expect that their Prettau® Zirconia prostheses will have 200% more flexural strength than other options, so they can enjoy all of their favorite foods without any fear of painful slipping or shifting. It’s also one of the only restorative protocols backed by multiple studies showing an over 99% success rate, so your patients can feel secure knowing that their new smile is meant to last for life.

Best of all, the options for customization are almost limitless. After your patient’s new teeth are modeled and milled, they are colored with a wide array of natural shades and tints to best match the appearance of their natural teeth. Instead of devoting time to applying layer after layer of ceramic to the finished model, you can now take the time to produce the perfect smile for your patients.


Traditional dentures and dental bridges may have been the best your patients could get in the past, but the paradigm has shifted. By offering Prettau® Zirconia restorations to your patients, you’re not only providing them with a proven and permanent solution to missing or loose teeth, you’re also giving your practice a tool to stand out among the competition. Bring Prettau® Zirconia to your practice to give your patients the 21-st century solution to their dental woes - and see your restorative caseload go through the roof!


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